Flying Lessons: Flight Instruction in Concord, Ca (Buchanan Field)
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What is Light Sport?

Light Sport is not aerobatic training. It is a path to a pilot certificate that is designed to lower the time and cost of training by using relatively simple, lower-speed aircraft and operating only in daytime, fair weather conditions.

The light sport program is only a few years old. Airplanes which meet certain critera (more info) can be certified as Light Sport Aircraft (LSA), and can be flown by pilots who are qualified as Light Sport Pilots. For example, the Remos GX, in which I can offer Light Sport training.

There are a number of restrictions a light sport pilot is subject to, as compared with a private pilot. But, depending on your flying ambitions, LSA may meet all your requirements. If you decide to become a private pilot later, all of your LSA experience will count!

The following comparisons should help you decide if LSA is right for you:
Private Pilot
(single engine)
Light Sport Pilot
Can fly pretty much any single-engine airplane, though for certain high-performance, complex and jet-powered airplanes, additional training is required. Can only fly airplanes meeting the Light Sport Rules - smaller 1-seat or 2-seat planes only
Can fly at night. With an instrument rating, can fly in nonvisual conditions. Can only fly daytime. No instrument rating is possible.
Requires FAA 3rd class medical (or higher) No medical exam required. If you are able to hold a driver's license, you meet the medical qualifications (unless you have previously been denied an FAA medical).
Requires a minimum of 40 hours training. Requires a minimum of 20 hours training.